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Stumpy: Replaced and Cloned 🌸

Famous trees (and one extra famous tree) are getting some help from scientists and diplomats. Read more about the D.C. cherry trees hereΒ 

Mexican Palace Cats 😸

A group of cats in Mexico's National Palace have received a special designation from the president. Read more (and watch a video) about the cats hereΒ 

Moon Farmin', Repeat

From the archive, the science of farming in moon dust! I was just reading about the next crewed mission to the moon, and it would appear that they're planning to set u...

Fonts for the Future πŸ”€

A big publisher is experimenting with page-saving fonts to cut down on paper.Read more about the fonts here

Two AI Bots Getting the Job Done

Two tales from the world of robotics and AI and work! Learn more about the tulip bots here

Bird Flutter Chatter πŸ¦πŸ’¬

A bird is showing a new form of communication that hasn't been seen before in our feathered friends. Read more about the research and the birds hereΒ 

Graveyard Geese πŸ’˜, Repeat

From the archive, another good news story from a cemetery! This time, it's geese finding love after loss.Β 

Cemetery Solar

A small French town is building solar in an unexpected place.Read more about the project hereΒ 

Update: An Extinct Flu

A strain of the flu is missing and it might be gone forever and now our seasonal flu vaccine won't even target it.Β 

Basically Sails β›΅

New tech is old school- or is old tech new again? Who knows! But an ancient technology could help reduce carbon emissions in the shipping industry.Β 

Two Tree Updates: Miyawaki and Sycamore Gap 🌳🌲🌳🌲

Updates to two stories involving trees and forests- Miyawaki-method pocket forests and the Sycamore Gap tree in the UK. Read more about the Manhattan Healing Forest he...

Shaq-cellence, Repeat

From the archive, a story about Shaq making someone's day. I'm watching a documentary mini-series about Shaq and was reminded that he tries to do kind things with his ...

Coffee Pucks β˜•πŸŸ€

A new coffee technology has the potential to remove some serious single-use plastic pollution from the planet.\Read more about the design and development of the pucks ...

Feline Fine Forgiveness 🐈

Libraries are back in the good news- an entire library system starts accepting a unique currency for fine forgiveness. Read more about March Meowness hereΒ 

An Author with Authority πŸ“™

An author uses his prominence to make changes in the publishing world- good news for writers all over! Read more about the deal hereΒ 

Gift of Med School 🎁

A huge gift will change the course of young doctors' lives for years to come. Read more about the gift hereΒ 

Update: Sloth Bridges πŸ¦₯πŸŒ‰

An update to a story from two years ago- sloths are getting more and more ways to move around Costa Rica like their sloth ancestors before them! Check out the Sloth Co...

Update: Swimming in Data πŸŠβ€β™€οΈπŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ

An update about an innovative company looking to use energy twice: once for computing, twice for heating! Read more about the pool plans here

Yet More Snowplow Names πŸŒ¨β„

It's that time of year- snowplow naming season! Puns... puns... PUNS!Β 

Capt. Hook: The Bear 🐻

A struggling bear population in Canada gets an assist from conservationists and a traveling bear. Read more about the project here

Paul's Bass 🎸

A Beatles mystery has been solved and a stolen instrument is back home. Read more about the search and recovery here!Β 

Paris Olympic Medals Are So Paris πŸ₯‡πŸ₯ˆπŸ₯‰

The Paris Olympic and Paralympic games are going to have some very, very Parisian medals. Read more and check out the medals for yourself.Β 

Tai Chi: For Your Heart πŸ’“

A study has shown that the one of the best things for your heart might just be tai chi. Read more about the study here.Β 

Chatbot Success

An AI powered chatbot out of England has helped minority groups receive mental health referrals and that's good news!Read more about the chatbot here!

Update: Ecosia Search - It's For The Trees!

An update to a nearly five-year-old story- Ecosia has hit an impressive tree-planting milestone.Check out Ecosia if you've got any searches to do!

Scarf Bombing 🧣

People who knit, crochet, etc. just keep proving time and time again that they're the best- this time? Scarf bombing!Read more about scarf bombing here!

Valentine Monkey Serenade, Repeat

From the archive, a musical monkey assist for Valentine's Day!Β 

Update: Flaco's Freedom πŸ¦‰

An update to a story from a year ago- Flaco the owl is still flying free and making the best of his release!Check out this NYT article for more info and great photos o...

Keep the Kelp 🌿

A multi-pronged approach in California to help kelp- got to help the kelp!Β Read more about the project in this AP News article.

An Elegy for Ingenuity 🚁

The end of a historic mission on Mars and am amazing helicopter!Read more about Ingenuity and its achievements here.Β 

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