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Scotland's Period Products Provision

Groundbreaking legislation passed unanimously in Scotland- sanitary product will soon be available for free in public places!

No Homework Golden Ticket

Kids in Ireland are living one of my childhood daydreams- they're getting a get-out-of-homework-free pass!

Tiny Homes and Poochy Reunions

Two stories that are good news- definitely the kind of good news that gets on our radar at The Good News Podcast.

Bean There, Done That

Breaking Bean News! Buckle Up!

Animals That (No Longer) Mean Business

A tale of two businesses that were once reliant on animals. In both cases, it's good news for our fur friends.

Let's PicUp London Folks

A London based environmental group is asking people to take a picture of (and throw out) litter. Check it out!

Parks For Vets

A new program gives free access to National Parks to Vets and members of Gold Star families.

Whale Tail Saves The Day

A Dutch sculpture saves a train- just any old day in the Netherlands!

The Wolf Vote

An unexpected candidate wins big this past election day.

The Happy Broadcast, Repeat

Replaying an interview with Mauro Gatti- he's doing awesome work and illustrating good news for you to see... with your eyes. (Like what TGNP does... for your ears.) Check out the newest additions:

Lost Animals, Found!

Stories about two animals recently rediscovered.

Water Discoveries

Two discoveries: one of water and one in water!

Airport Dogs, repeat

A rerun episode about cute dogs working for the TSA.

Colorado Orange Apple

A ballad of a long lost apple.


A viral video pays out good news for a band and a boarder.

Crack Open That Egg, Repeat

From the archive, a story of a found fortune and helpful hands.

Ikea Is Going Right Round Baby, Right Round

Ikea is committing to being a more circular business model.

Little Free Libraries Reaching New Readers

Little Free Libraries are making some positive and welcoming changes for those friendly community libraries.

A Machu Picchu Surprise

Machu Picchu welcomed it's first and only visitor in months. One lucky(?) tourist got the whole place to themselves.

Cow Cuddling

A new method to unwind and relax from the Netherlands!

Starbucks Signing Store, Repeat

In this repeat, we're sharing good news about a store that's a bit more welcoming to the deaf and hard of hearing community. Since this episode first aired, more of these stores have opened- there are now five in total around the world!

Magawa: The Hero!

Magawa is a brave rodent saving lives every single day. Go Magawa!

Plastic Eating Enzyme Update

Enzymes we've covered previously work better together- teamwork makes the dream work!

Amy Cesal's DayDoh Project, Repeat

From the archives, an interview with Amy Cesal who uses a children's toy to make data more accessible for adults.

The Whimsical Teddy Bears of Paris, Repeat

From the backlog, a story about unexpected outdoor diners in Paris.

Three Bites of Good News

Three lil' short pieces of good news- bees, BPM, and ballots!

Buh Bye Pampas Grass!

Sometimes helping the environment requires yanking out a noxious weed- Hawaii nailed it!

Baby Smart, repeat

From the archive, babies are so very, very smart.

Paying It Forward, Way Forward

Paying it forward... or is this really paying it backward?

Letters to LEGO

Kids are making big corporate change at one of our favorite toy companies.

Nandi v. Dave

Nandi Bushell and Dave Grohl have been in an EXTREME drum solo competition- and we get to hear the awesome results!

Solitaire and Minecraft, Repeat

From the archives, a study about creativity and video games.

Small Voting Victories

Three bits of good news about this upcoming US election season.

The Gold Ticket

An eccentric candy factory owner is starting a treasure hunt to find gold tickets around the country. Sounds... familiar?

Driving Rats, Repeat

From the archive, good news about rats driving tiny little cars and what it teaches us about learning.

CitiCAP: A Green App

Good news about an app in Finland that is trying to give citizens a better idea of their carbon footprint and reward them for using less.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater: Updated!

With guest host Molly, good news about skateboarding in real life and the digital world.

Birds and Wind Turbines

Good news for our feathered friends! And an update on more NBA provided polling places come November.

Shark Rock, Repeat

An update to this story: Kiss did play this concert... but, no sharks ended up showing up! Frankly, I find that rude.

Four for Fun

Four short pieces of good news- everything from fashion to flora!

Ecosia Search, Repeat

An exciting update- Ecosia just recently announced that they've planted 100 MILLION TREES! Think about trying a new search engine and planting a tree or two in the process.

Survival of the Friendliest - Part 2

A second chunk of an interview with Brian Hare, co-author (along with Vanessa Woods) of Survival of the Friendliest. Great news- he's got some recommendations on making the world a friendlier place!

Survival of the Friendliest - Part 1

Part 1 of a conversation with the co-author of Survival of the Friendliest, Brian Hare. He and co-author Vanessa Woods have written a GREAT book about human evolution and how it pays to be friendly.

Twin Couples Expecting Siblings

Twins, who married twins, are simultaneously expecting. The more I think about this good news, the more my mind gets turned inside out.

Friendsday With Molly

A new TGNP segment! To brighten your day, this segment asks guests "what is something you love?" Send an email to if you love or want to tweak it!

Three Times the Good News

Three short pieces of good news: Lego, love, and llamas.

Lights Out for Bugs

A potential new law in Germany would dim lights to brighten the future for bugs in the country.

Go, Go, Gorilla Doll

Tumani, a gorilla, needs some help getting ready for her upcoming child. So she's got a doll.

Wiki Women: Laxmi Sharma

The latest installment of Wiki Women! Today, a Nepali entrepreneur who went from baron to button boss!

Crew Dragon Makes a Splash

The Crew Dragon capsule makes a return- it's a big deal. The two astronauts are back on solid ground safe and sound. (Sorry for the crummy audio on this episode!)

New Mars Rover, New Name, Same Excitement, Repeat

In honor of the successful launch of NASA's newest rover, an archive episode explaining how the (awesome) name was chosen.

Universal Basic Income Pilot Program

Good news about an ongoing experiment trying to shrink the wealth gap between the poorest and richest. And a conversation about a personalized monthly basic income.

More Red Phone Booth Reuse

Those classic, red phone booths in England are now much more likely to be anything but a phone booth nowadays.

Cali Kid Detectives, Repeat

A heartwarming tale from the archive about some kids solving a mystery WAY better than the Scoob and the gang.

Cat Van Catte, Repeat

From the archive, good (bad?) news about what cats understand and memorable pet names to encourage adoptions.

The Comeback Camel

A story of love and loyalty from an animal that normally gets a bad reputation.

Captain Tom, Now Sir Tom

A champion fundraiser is getting knighted for his hard work for the benefit of health care workers.

Wolves and Condors: Bouncin' Back

Good news from the realm of conservation- birds back from the brink and wolves keeping elk in check.

New Name, Long Time Coming

After way (way) too long, a certain football team will soon announce an upcoming name change.

Doggo Deliveries

Pooch parcel deliveries in Colombia- sign me up!

The New Side of The Far Side

Extremely good news for any comic strip fans out there- The Far Side is back!

Heimlich Helper, Repeat

A short, but sweet story about a helpful friend from the archives.

Hospital Sounds, Repeat

From the backlog, a story about the sounds at the hospital and the people trying to make them better.

Atlanta Hawks Alley-oop to Voters

Some good voting news for... maybe the first time? (Also, sorry about the title- I was really struggling to come up with a good basketball themed title...)

Mississippi Flag, Dolly Parton, and Paleta Retirement

Three pieces of good news- great bang for your podcast buck!

Lego Braille Bricks, Repeat

From the archive, a very cool, very LEGO, very accessible project. The bricks are now rolling out around the world- go check them out:

Elephant Sweaters, Repeat

From the archive, elephants in India get some chic outerwear for colder temperatures.

Hummus: Dirt Helper, Repeat

From the archive, good news about everyone's favorite dip: hummus!


The Good News Podcast is celebrating Juneteenth with voices other than ours.

City Bees Pt. 1, Repeat

From the archive, the first part of our conversation with Mary Nisi about starting up your very own bee colony in the city.

An Update and an App

An update on the show and an app to check out

Goodbye, I love you

Colleen's farewell episode. She shares a few of her favorite clips from episodes from the past three years.

Monuments and Tennis Balls

Colleen and Neil share good news about the removal of Confederate monuments and the chewing of tennis balls.

Books on fire (the good kind of fire not the burning kind)

Colleen and Neil take a look at what's topping major bestseller lists and it's encouraging.

A Time to Listen

Check out for more information and insight on police violence.

Crew Dragon Is Go For Launch

SpaceX and NASA have successfully launched, orbited, and docked Bob and Doug.

Hawaiian Library Return, Repeat

Colleen and Neil share a kind tale from the archive about a library and a very considerate patron.

Selfie Panda

There is a giant piece of art that Colleen and Neil chat about. Can you guess what it is?

Panda Head

Panda are very very cute and they are big heads and this really helpful when they climb trees.

Birds Described

Good news about birds. I will not bury the lede. 10 new birds were described in 2020. Listen to find out more

San Diego's Newest Addition

Colleen and Neil share good news near and dear to Colleen's heart.

Read A Book: On Lighthouses

Bookseller Joe of Chicago's Volumes Bookstore and cafe tells us about a nonfiction book called On Lighthouses by Jazmina Barrera.

The Newest Gerber Baby

Colleen and Neil share good news about the newest member of the Gerber baby club.

Devon's New Beavers

Colleen and Neil share new beaver news. If you're on the lookout, you can always find beaver news.

Balloons Everywhere

A small business in Chicago, Luft balloons is thriving and spreading beautiful cheer.

The streams are flowin' in CA

Good news! For the first time in 10 years California is drought free

New Sheriff in Town

Colleen and Neil share a story that's both good news and sweet justice.

Moroccan Literacy Gains

Colleen and Neil discuss a big bump in our lifetime in Moroccan literacy.

More Books

We chat with Joe a bookseller Volumes Bookstore and Bookcafe in Chicago about a certain smelly book he's reading...

Books Books and Books

We chat with Rebecca co-owner of Volumes Bookstore and Bookcafe in Chicago about what books she's reading


A recent public service announcement from Japan's health ministry shares a creature from 19th Japanese folklore to help bring hope in the fight against COVID-19.

Paris: Bike City

Colleen and Neil discuss Paris' fast tracked plan to get more people on two wheels.

911 Homework Emergency, Repeat

Colleen and Neil pull this episode out of the archives- sometimes you need some help with homework and there is only one number to dial.

Box Fish

Colleen finds an article in the New York Times Science section about fish shaped like a box.

Prickles the Tasmanian Sheep

Colleen and Neil share a tale about a sheep that's finally come home.

Zebra + Donkey = Zonkey

Neil shares cute news about a donkey and a zebra.. awwwww

Moon Crater Telescope

Colleen and Neil discuss a new potential (or... hypothetical) piece of scientific equipment up on the moon.

Mighty Mini Munchers

We're talking plastic today. More specifically, some new tools we might have to break down some of our tons and tons of plastic.

Three Quick Stories

Three shorty snippets of good news. All your favorites: magnets, pandas, renewables.

Daft Punk feat. Andrew Lloyd Webber: Bonus, Mini-episode

Sharing some good news that has a pretty niche audience... just me, Neil. Watch the whole reference video here:

Pixar Prizewinners

Some good news for Pixar papas- they're getting an award and a million!

Broadway Delivered

Katie and Neil discuss another entertainment option- musical theater! They don't always agree and that's just fine.

Celeb Storytime

Katie and Neil offer up some celebrity sotrytime options- open to all ages! You don't need to be a kid to want to be read to.

A Great Internet Library

Katie and Neil chat about about a gigantic internet library. Check out some books if you're looking for something to do! The Open Library Project can be found here:

Cadbury Easter Pup

Katie and Neil discuss candy, dogs, and Tom Hanks.

Fievel Goes Up!

Katie and Neil discuss a new record holder for highest altitude mammal. And yes, canonically, Fievel was Jewish. (It's like... a large part of the plot.) Check out more about the new champion mouse here:

Yale's Happiness Class

Katie and Neil discuss a free online course from Yale that explores personal happiness. Here is the link if you'd like to check it out:

An InSight Update

A brief update on the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of InSight on Mars.

Simple Ways to Help in this Crazy Time

A slight deviation from our regularly scheduled podcast; a few ideas on things we can do to help our community even if we're not feeling super communal.

Wiki Woman: Virginia Apgar

Another installment of Wiki Woman! Read more about the Apgar score here:

Philippine Teens on Team Tree, Repeat

Pulled from the archive, legislation in the Philippines had new requirements for teens to graduate high school. And to add some clarity, it looks like this bill has passed in the congress, but is still working through the senate.

Thai Sharks, Repeat

From the archives, the beach from "The Beach" is closed to tourists. As an update, a ton of great progress has been made in Maya Bay. The Thai government is looking to reopen the bay to visitors, but limiting the number of people to potentially half of what numbers once were.

Aldi's Pledge

Katie and Neil discuss Aldi's commitment in the 2020s.

New Mars Rover, New Name, Same Excitement

We love space, Mars, rovers, citizen scientists, and names here at the The Good News Podcast. This episode has all of those things!

A Sequoia Success

Katie and Neil discuss some California trees that are now protected for future generations!

Questlove's Quests

Katie and Neil share multiple pieces of great news about ?uestlove and discuss dream high schools.

The March: VR

Katie and Neil discuss a new exhibit at the DuSable Museum in Chicago.

Wiki Woman: Esther Duflo

Another installment of Wiki Woman! Here is a link to Esther Duflo's TED Talk:

Jimmy Carter and His Solar Panels

Katie and Neil discuss Jimmy Carter's most recent batch of solar panels.

What Doggies Love

Katie and Neil discuss a scientific study exploring what a pooch loves most.

Names as Colors and Colors of Names

Katie and Neil take a look at what their names might sound like and look like to someone with Synesthesia.

Julia Child Brought To Tears

Katie and Neil chat about one of Katie's all-time favorite TV moments (hint: it's Julia Child!).

Beer Water

Katie and Neil share good news about snacks for bacteria.

Voyager 2 Infinity and Beyond

Katie and Neil share an update on the Voyager probes. They're all good, great even!

Cannabis and Cannabees

Katie and Neil share good news about bees and the budding cannabis industry in North America.

Best Date of Your Life

Katie and Neil share some good news about revived dates out of Israel. Here is a link to the trailer of the documentary Katie is talking about:

Wiki Woman: Wangari Maathai

Another installment of Wiki Woman! Check out the links below for even more info:

Missing Pooch on Vacation

Katie and Neil share good news about a dog getting reunited with it's owner.

Snowball Vending Machine, Repeat

Colleen and Neil share a repeat from a Super Bowl of yore. This is STILL an excellent idea.

Mushrooms and Bees, Repeat

Colleen and Neil share a story about soup for bees from a while back.

Roller Skating Part 3

Colleen talks to her husband David and kiddo Fiona about why they love to roller skate. Fiona also gets mad and tells her mom to stop podcasting.

VCR Connection, Repeat

Colleen and Neil share an episode fro m the archive about a kind connection made over eBay.

Love and Fitness at the Roller Rink

The Countryman's have been married over 40 years, they met roller skating when they were 9 years old.

Fleetwood Roller Rink

Colleen's five-year-old Fiona is really into roller skating. Colleen went along on Saturday morning and met some of the folks at Fleetwood Roller Rink.

France single use plastic use

Big changes in France over single-use plastic.

Going Vegan, Going Green. VERY Green.

Colleen and Neil share some nutso news about lightening our impact on the planet. Turns out going vegan is nearly synonymous with going green.

Dog party + Neil thoughts

Neil shares the celebration of dogs connected to Diwali and his thoughts on dogs in public spaces. TLDR: Check with Neil first before bringing your dog to a public location.

Colleen Talks about Self Compassion again

Are you so tired of Colleen going on about self-compassion, too bad.

Hello 2020! Some wins of 2019

Neil and Colleen reflect on 2019 about some of the great things that happened.

Golden Rice

Colleen and Neil discuss good news about a cool new rice and share some new foods they'd like to see on the market.

Finland's Homelessness Decline

Colleen and Neil share some good news from Finland where a model for helping others is yielding benefits.

Cold Weather Happiness, Repeat

Colleen and Neil share a repeat episode with some tips to stay happy even in the cold. Happy New Year!!!

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