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The Crew Dragon

Colleen and Neil ponder the new SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule and it's recent, successful test flight.

Very most popular jobs

Colleen loves lists and she found a great list about fastest growing jobs that holds some good news.

The Undiagnosed Diseases Network

Colleen and Neil talk about the common cold and more exotic sicknesses.

Wiki Women

Another installment of Wiki Women-- highlighting women's entries on Wikipedia. This episode architecture.

Gigantic Elephant Sweaters

Colleen and Neil check out some humongous sweaters for pachyderms.

Teeny, Tiny Detroit Homes

Colleen and Neil take a look at some small homes from Detroit.


The Axolotl or also known as the Mexican Walking fish is a salamander that can basically regrow any part of its body!

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, STEM Champion

Colleen and Neil discuss memorabilia and STEM education.

VCR: Very Cool, Right?

Colleen and Neil read a letter from an eBay buyer. It's kind and heartfelt and good.

How Did The Zebra Get It's Stripes?

Scientists have finally figured out why a Zebra has stripes!!

Free Market Fun!

Colleen and Neil dissect recent commerce news. Snow plowing commerce and toilet bowl vs. phone commerce.

A Leafier Planet

Colleen and Neil share good news about globally impressive leafiness.

What's your Atomic Number?

We celebrate the Periodic Table on today's episode! UNESCO has announced that 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. Yay!

A Final Goodbye to Opportunity

Colleen and Neil send one final interplanetary goodbye and thank you to the show's favorite Mars rover.

Tinder 4 Dogs

Colleen and Neil chat about putting the power of swiping to use to help Lithuanians adopt more dogs.


Neil and Colleen share actual good news about the TSA.

Hawaiian Centenarian Cigarettes

Colleen and Neil chat about cigarettes; smoking them, buying them, and avoiding them.


Good News! Eating veggies will benefit your mental health. Neil has strong feelings about fruit.

The Whimsical Teddy Bears of Paris

Colleen shares with Neil pictures of teddy bears just going about their daily lives in Paris.

Cold Weather Happiness Tips

Colleen and Neil share some cold weather tips after the recent Chicago polar vortex.

Black Hole Help

Nervous about Black Holes? Don't be! Scientists are trying to figure out ways to help you not fall in.

More Little Free Ideas

Colleen and Neil discuss more ideas like the Little Free Library.

The Happy Broadcast

The Good News Podcast brings you good news to your ears. Mauro Gatti creator of the Happy Broadcast brings good news to your eyes. Just sit and think. about. that.

The People's Hero

Colleen and Neil tell the tale of The People's Hero.

Good Work Guardian!

Colleen and Neil share some good news coming from the UK newspaper, The Guardian.

RISK! Kevin Alison

Creator of the storytelling podcast RISK! Kevin Alison joins Colleen and Neil and talks getting up and telling your truth. What's your truth?

Happiness Tips for Twenty Nineteen

Using the power of science- Colleen and Neil offer some tips to make this year even happier.

Inbox Investigation

Colleen and Neil open up their email and share some good news that was sent in. Thanks for sending them!!!

Termite Heros

A very special episode about an unlikely hero. Also, Neil reads poems and they are AMAZING!

Milwaukee Beavers

Colleen and Neil share some exciting developments from beavers up ol' Milwaukee way.

Neil's Straw

Good things that are happening all over to help reduce the use of plastic.

The Far Side of the Moon

Colleen and Neil discuss new moon developments. What's going on up there anyway?

2018 - Not So Bad

Colleen shares three pieces of good news that happened in 2018! See it wasn't a total wash.

Another Returned Painting

Colleen and Neil share a story about another stolen piece of art getting returned to it's home.

Put A Ring On It.... but no so fast

Colleen and Neil talk marriage and the bennies of waiting till you're brain is done maturing.

The Good News About 2019 -- Podcast Update!

Colleen and Neil talk about what is and is not changing about the podcast in 2019.

New Year, New Renewables

Colleen and Neil share good news coming from the financial realm about renewable energy.

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