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Bermuda Triangle, Repeat

Colleen and Neil chat about the very well designed water filtration device, the Bermuda!

Prison Programs

We are sharing some good news about thoughtful and intresting programs in prisions.

Friend better

Tips and action on how to help improve your connections and friendships.

Eat Your Veggies, Repeat

Colleen and Neil share some good news about your Thanksgiving leftovers.

USPS Letters to Santa

Colleen and Neil talk about traditions, letter writing, and the giving of gifts.

Math Masters

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon prove that boys and girls understand and learn math equally the same.

Harmonica Pete Brings The Heat

Colleen and Neil share audio of Harmonica Pete doing what Harmonica Pete does best.

More Great Tiny Home News

Colleen and Neil share more great news from from the world of tiny housing.

Queer Masquerade Ball

Chicago Parks District holding a homecoming experience for the LGBTQ Chicago youth and we think that's amazing

Youngest Grad In The World

Colleen and Neil share the tale of the world's newly crowned youngest degree holder.

Wiki Woman: Diane Havlir

Another episode of WikiWomen!! Diane Havlir is a Professor of Medicine and Chief of the HIV/AIDS Division at the University of California, San Francisco.

WikiWomen Lois Ellen Frank

Another WikiWomen episode, please meet Lois Ellen Frank, an American food historian, cookbook author, photographer, chef, culinary anthropologist, and educator.

Hospital Magic, Repeat

Colleen and Neil replay an interview with Andrew Knox who volunteers some of his time doing maaaaaaagic.

Everest is Taking out the Trash

Colleen and Neil share good news about a problem that has been piling up on the tallest mountain.

Baby Smart

Guess how young kids can count? You'll have to listen to the episode to hear what researchers have found

Lunch Room Blues

A new way to do lunch!

Drone Search, Drone Found

Colleen and Neil share more good drone news (which is apparently something Neil does... a lot).

Rats on the Road

Colleen and Neil share good news about some new rat skills to be on the lookout for.

Swedish Bees

McDonald's in Sweden are lovin' on their bees

Trala, Repeat

Colleen and Neil are re-airing an interview with the founders of Trala, a Violin practice app. Since we talked to them, their app has been doing great- they have excellent reviews and the consensus is it really can help you learn to play!

Los Angeles Gets Plantin'

Colleen and Neil share good news about trees sprouting up in LA.

Ocean Cleanup Update

Colleen and Neil share an update about a story that we've been following since the early days of The Good News Podcast.

Cali Kid Detectives

Colleen and Neil share a very Stranger Things-esque tale about kid detectives helping to solve a mystery.

2 Million $$$$

A man makes a smart investment in a Chicago area business and turns it into trees.

Shark Concert

Colleen and Neil share good news about shark music.

Pods of the Potomac

Colleen and Neil share news about some returned guests in the Potomac River.

Fiona Shares Good News

5- year old Fiona shares some goods news and it's unbelievable but super good. She also talks a lot about food.

Studs Terkel and Buckminster Fuller

Today's episode is a bit of sound art. Chicago great Studs Terkel interviews innovator Bucky Fuller. Listen and feel inspired.

Toilet Innovations and Wombat Factoids, Repeat

Colleen and Neil share an archived episode about toilets and wombats. If you haven't yet, watch the new Bill Gates documentary on Netflix. It's super interesting and toilets feature prominently!

A New Kind Of Walking Tour

Nonprofits in Europe of helping to empower the homeless population by training them as walking tour guides.

Self Compassion! Try it! It's Fun!

Colleen's on a journey of self-compassion. On this episode, she shares some tips and how you can be kinder to yourself.

Friendly Floridian Remedies Reptile

Colleen and Neil share a little tale of a captain helping a logger head.

Wiki Women: Kimberly Bryant

Today we are bringing you another episode of Wiki Women: Kimberly Bryant

Wiki Woman: Vandana Shiva

Neil and Colleen are back with another episode of WikiWomen. Today's episode features Vandana Shiva, an Indian scholar, environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate, and anti-globalization author.

Londoners Tap For Charity, Repeat

Colleen and Neil share a story about charitable innovation from England. As an update, to date, almost 35,000 people have participated and raised more than 100,000 pounds to fight homelessness. Check out for more info!

US Water Conservation, Repeat

Colleen and Neil share a repeat episode to keep the theme of good water news rollin'.

Beavers, Seals, Creeks, and Thames

Colleen and Neil deliver some happy news about waterways.

Smart Stick and PSAs

Neil and Colleen share a new innovation that helps the visually impaired; they also share a number of PSAs because why not.

Hot Air

You just have to listen. I don't even know where to start with a summary.

Billionaires In The Trees

Colleen and Neil share a glimmer of good news from the Amazon. (And the movie I'm trying to remember in here is Baraka)

Solitaire Bear Bear

Happy Labor Day! The Good News Podcast is still here for you. Always and forever.

Seattle News About Drugs

The City of Seattle is trying out a new way to help folks dealing with drug addiction. Jail is not longer the answer.

Ecosia Search - It's For The Trees!

Colleen and Neil share a new way to search on the internet and plant some trees.

Heathrow's New Incoming Scanners

Colleen and Neil share more good airport news.

Kitty Cat Meow (rerun)

Purrrrrfect job?

Two Turtle Tales

Colleen and Neil share two stories involving turtles and the LAW.

SFO Says Bye, Bye Bottles!

Colleen and Neil share news from San Fran about limiting single use plastic bottles.


An episode dedicated to our favorite fruit.

Cat Van Catte

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have made a discovery and guess what is kind of applies to some fun cat names at the Austin Pets Alive!

Kidney Stone Roller Coasters, Repeat

Colleen and Neil replay an episode from the archive about roller coasters, kidney stones, and urethrae.


New rules on energy drinks for kids living in Scotland under 16 -- but the real fun of the episode is at minute 5 with a real gem of a story from Neil.

Senior Dogs Saved

Colleen and Neil share good news about a senior dog savior.

Recycled Olympic Medals

Colleen and Neil share news about the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals.

Four Day School Week Near Denver (Repeat)

Colleen and Neil share an episode from the archive. As an update, this program has been successful in helping the school district attract and keep high quality teaching staff! Nice!!!

Hospital Sounds

The sounds in a hospital, good, bad? Yep, they are pretty bad. Hear what folks are doing to change that.

Best Idea For Those Golden Years

Have you ever thought about what your life might look like in your 60's, 70s, '80s and beyond? This episode explores how some people are tackling that very question.

Meoooow Big Cat Love

Cheetahs were lacking confidence in the lovemaking department so Zoos are giving them a dog-friend so they can start to relax and maybe make some wee little baby cheetahs.

Mailbox of Remembrance

Colleen and Neil share a factoid about a mailbox in Japan where you can write letters to deceased loved ones.

Hummus: Tasty and Nutritious (For Dirt Too!)

Colleen and Neil share some good news about our favorite bean dip.

Urban Bees Part 2

Part two or our conversation with Mary Nisi, Chicago been keeper. There is also a direct and unflinching mention of a bee penis.

City Bees Part 1

An interview with Mary Nisi an urban beekeeper. You've got to hear this!!

Bee Week 2019

Colleen and Neil are excited to celebrate the first day of The Good News Podcast Inaugural Bee Week 2019!

Hawaiian Library Return

Colleen and Neil share a tale about a library and a very considerate patron.

Joy and Happiness

Colleen and Neil talk about Joy and Happiness. What brings you joy?


R&D at Nestle has created a new candy wrapper that will biodegrade in the ocean in six months. Why, YES! I will have that YES! candy bar.

Moroccan Fog Catcher

Colleen and Neil brush off an episode from the archives, and discuss a project from Morocco that involves grabbing fog to add to the water supply.

London's Evolving Phone Booths

From the archive, Colleen and Neil talk about exciting and intriguing ways that London is reusing their iconic booths.

Philippine Teens on Team Tree

Colleen and Neil completely agree on a new graduation requirement for the youth of the Philippines.

Full Moon Jam part 2

Colleen and Neil are back for part two of the Full Moon Jam discussion. Did you miss part 1?? Go back and take a listen.

Full Moon Jam Part 1

The City of Chicago sanctions dancing with fire; Colleen and Neil more.

A Dropping Rate of Divorce

Colleen and Neil talk about a dip in the US divorce rate, thanks in part to Millennials. At The Good News Podcast, we identify as Willenials.

Get up and Go Go Fuel

Neil explains a really complicated science around jet fuel and it sounds like good news. We are pretty sure it's good news.

Yard Work PE

Colleen and Neil share about an alternative PE option in Iowa.

Blood talk + Neil is a Pepsi boy

Get your vegetables

Veggies are edgy.

Three Word Addresses

Colleen and Neil dust off an archive episode: three word maps!

Recycling in Response

Colleen and Neil share some news about the changing recycling landscape and how people are responding to it.

Pool Time

Neil and Colleen talk about pools and blue skies day-dreamin' And bonus at the very end of the episode, Neil sounds just like Matthew McConaughey.

Get yer pronouns straight

Neil shares some good news from the World Health Organization. Happy Pride Month!

A Very Green Year for the UK

Colleen and Neil share three mini stories with good green news from across the pond.

Passport to Palau

Colleen and Neil dust off an episode from the archive- some poetry from the passport to the island of Palau.

LEGO Braille Bricks

The Lego Foundation is releasing LEGO Braille Bricks in 2020. The project hopes to help blind and visually impaired children learn Braille in a fun way!

Heimlich Helper!

Colleen and Neil share a story about the Heimlich maneuver and home alone safety.

Kids Share Facts and it's F**king Adorable

A Chicago JK classroom gives us the cutest audio we've heard in a long time.

Water Globs

The London 2019 marathon has a great idea! Water bottles are getting replaced by seaweed water globs. Genius!

Airport Dogs

TSA dogs are super cute and that's ok.

Wacka Wacka

Colleen brings listeners to a vintage video game arcade (meep meep). You're Welcome.

Keanu's Kindness

Colleen and Neil rerun an episode about Keanu Reeves and some of the many good things he's done. He has a new movie coming out because Keanu never stops working.

Pod Wet

Colleen shares some great news about Germany helping refugees find work, this conversation then de-evolves to Colleen mentioning "pod wet".

Beautiful Botanical Book Bounces Back

Colleen and Neil share good news about a lost book that has been found.


Innovation on the California firefighting front.

New Yawk City's Roofs Are Getting Greener

Colleen and Neil share news about a new New York initiative.

I do?

21st-century marriage talk

Notre Dame Restoration

Colleen and Neil chat about some of the good things coming out after the fire at Notre Dame.

Hey Four Eyes

Rwanda becomes the first low-income country to provide vision care to ALLL of its citizens free of cost.

Jason Momoa, Plastic Protester

Colleen and Neil discuss GoT, beards, and aluminium.

Good News about Animals 🐘🐯

Tigers are making a come back and China makes a good choice; banning ivory

Drones: Hawaiian Hibiscus Helpers

Colleen and Neil discuss a drone that is finding plants thought to be lost.

Haitian Dance

A rerun from January, a story about family and Haitian dance culture from KFAI Minnesota community radio.


Neil shares some funky sounds and the pair discover they listen to music very differently.


A throwback to an episode we aired in January, all about termites!

Sit Stay Read

Dogs and kids learning to read in a cuddle puddle. A cuddle puddle.

Antarctic Trivia!

Three quick facts for you about the planet's southernmost continent.

Good Earth Tips

Tips to continue to care for Mother Earth.

Homework 911!

Colleen and Neil talk about 911, 311, and people helping each other.

Brunch Pooch

Be a hero! Adopt an older dog.

Cat Video Fest

Colleen and Neil talk about another dream job. Meow


The University of Tennessee is doing some good that is gonna save some folks some money, money!

Hashtag Trashtag

Social media for good? That's crazy.... smart. Neil tell us about #tashtag.

Donate Your Organs (if you want to)

Can you believe it! Good news about organ donation.

Pads For Dads

Neil tells Colleen about Pads for Dads and Colleen has big dreams for Fiona.

The Crew Dragon

Colleen and Neil ponder the new SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule and it's recent, successful test flight.

Very most popular jobs

Colleen loves lists and she found a great list about fastest growing jobs that holds some good news.

The Undiagnosed Diseases Network

Colleen and Neil talk about the common cold and more exotic sicknesses.

Wiki Women

Another installment of Wiki Women-- highlighting women's entries on Wikipedia. This episode architecture.

Gigantic Elephant Sweaters

Colleen and Neil check out some humongous sweaters for pachyderms.

Teeny, Tiny Detroit Homes

Colleen and Neil take a look at some small homes from Detroit.


The Axolotl or also known as the Mexican Walking fish is a salamander that can basically regrow any part of its body!

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, STEM Champion

Colleen and Neil discuss memorabilia and STEM education.

VCR: Very Cool, Right?

Colleen and Neil read a letter from an eBay buyer. It's kind and heartfelt and good.

How Did The Zebra Get It's Stripes?

Scientists have finally figured out why a Zebra has stripes!!

Free Market Fun!

Colleen and Neil dissect recent commerce news. Snow plowing commerce and toilet bowl vs. phone commerce.

A Leafier Planet

Colleen and Neil share good news about globally impressive leafiness.

What's your Atomic Number?

We celebrate the Periodic Table on today's episode! UNESCO has announced that 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. Yay!

A Final Goodbye to Opportunity

Colleen and Neil send one final interplanetary goodbye and thank you to the show's favorite Mars rover.

Tinder 4 Dogs

Colleen and Neil chat about putting the power of swiping to use to help Lithuanians adopt more dogs.


Neil and Colleen share actual good news about the TSA.

Hawaiian Centenarian Cigarettes

Colleen and Neil chat about cigarettes; smoking them, buying them, and avoiding them.


Good News! Eating veggies will benefit your mental health. Neil has strong feelings about fruit.

The Whimsical Teddy Bears of Paris

Colleen shares with Neil pictures of teddy bears just going about their daily lives in Paris.

Cold Weather Happiness Tips

Colleen and Neil share some cold weather tips after the recent Chicago polar vortex.

Black Hole Help

Nervous about Black Holes? Don't be! Scientists are trying to figure out ways to help you not fall in.

More Little Free Ideas

Colleen and Neil discuss more ideas like the Little Free Library.

The Happy Broadcast

The Good News Podcast brings you good news to your ears. Mauro Gatti creator of the Happy Broadcast brings good news to your eyes. Just sit and think. about. that.

The People's Hero

Colleen and Neil tell the tale of The People's Hero.

Good Work Guardian!

Colleen and Neil share some good news coming from the UK newspaper, The Guardian.

RISK! Kevin Alison

Creator of the storytelling podcast RISK! Kevin Alison joins Colleen and Neil and talks getting up and telling your truth. What's your truth?

Happiness Tips for Twenty Nineteen

Using the power of science- Colleen and Neil offer some tips to make this year even happier.

Inbox Investigation

Colleen and Neil open up their email and share some good news that was sent in. Thanks for sending them!!!

Termite Heros

A very special episode about an unlikely hero. Also, Neil reads poems and they are AMAZING!

Milwaukee Beavers

Colleen and Neil share some exciting developments from beavers up ol' Milwaukee way.

Neil's Straw

Good things that are happening all over to help reduce the use of plastic.

The Far Side of the Moon

Colleen and Neil discuss new moon developments. What's going on up there anyway?

2018 - Not So Bad

Colleen shares three pieces of good news that happened in 2018! See it wasn't a total wash.

Another Returned Painting

Colleen and Neil share a story about another stolen piece of art getting returned to it's home.

Put A Ring On It.... but no so fast

Colleen and Neil talk marriage and the bennies of waiting till you're brain is done maturing.

The Good News About 2019 -- Podcast Update!

Colleen and Neil talk about what is and is not changing about the podcast in 2019.

New Year, New Renewables

Colleen and Neil share good news coming from the financial realm about renewable energy.

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