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VCR Connection, Repeat

Colleen and Neil share an episode fro m the archive about a kind connection made over eBay.

Love and Fitness at the Roller Rink

The Countryman's have been married over 40 years, they met roller skating when they were 9 years old.

Fleetwood Roller Rink

Colleen's five-year-old Fiona is really into roller skating. Colleen went along on Saturday morning and met some of the folks at Fleetwood Roller Rink.

France single use plastic use

Big changes in France over single-use plastic.

Going Vegan, Going Green. VERY Green.

Colleen and Neil share some nutso news about lightening our impact on the planet. Turns out going vegan is nearly synonymous with going green.

Dog party + Neil thoughts

Neil shares the celebration of dogs connected to Diwali and his thoughts on dogs in public spaces. TLDR: Check with Neil first before bringing your dog to a public location.

Colleen Talks about Self Compassion again

Are you so tired of Colleen going on about self-compassion, too bad.

Hello 2020! Some wins of 2019

Neil and Colleen reflect on 2019 about some of the great things that happened.

Golden Rice

Colleen and Neil discuss good news about a cool new rice and share some new foods they'd like to see on the market.

Finland's Homelessness Decline

Colleen and Neil share some good news from Finland where a model for helping others is yielding benefits.

Cold Weather Happiness, Repeat

Colleen and Neil share a repeat episode with some tips to stay happy even in the cold. Happy New Year!!!

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