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Leo's Namesake

A newly discovered plant given a famous name!

Sequencing Speed-demons!

Genome sequencing keeps getting snappier!

Goldfish Burnin' Rubber!

Goldfish are excellent navigators and great learners- that's good news!

Birds Help to Beat the Blues, Repeat

Birdies bring the joy. From the archives- if you're in a part of the world where birds are singing, go take a listen!

(Human) Heart to (Pig) Heart

Xenotransplantation is producing good, better, and great news!

Once Again... The DRONE ZONE

Two pieces of good news delivered via drone.

Betty White's Beers

Sad news about Betty White and good news from people who love her!

Lifeguard RescRoo

A very Australian rescue!

Release the Kraken... Fan!

A hockey fan notices a potentially worrisome mole- and potentially saves a life.

2021 Wrapped Up

Three stories from 2021 that stuck with me! Good Pizza, Mr. Trash Wheel, and Alex Trebek's Suits.

3D Printed Habitat

Concrete has come a long way- now it can be printed!

James Webb Space Telescope DÉCOLLAGE

A new space telescope that can answer some questions we have about the BEGINNING OF THE UNIVERSE.

Carols by Katie, Repeat

The original Katie's Carols from all the way back in 2017. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Katie's Carols 3.0: New, Fresh, Funky, and Fun

An XXL episode today- I looped Katie in for a new set of carols- totally new, totally fresh! Enjoy and Merry Christmas! 🎅🎄❄🤶

Cows Belch Clean

Cows and seaweed are a match made in heaven!

Good Food News

Food wasted and food ordered.

The Mayor of Generositytown, Repeat

A reminder that Guy Fieri is more than Diners, Drive Ins & Dives- he's working hard for people in the service industry. Today he has been named the 2021 Thad and Alice Eure Ambassador of Hospitality by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation!

No Time for Lyme!

A promising new mRNA vaccine brings a bit of hope in the fight against ticks!

Eyeball Excitement!

Eyes, vision, and sight!


A teency cyberbug might be searching for you next time you find yourself in a scary situation. 🤖🐜

Minnesota Plows, Repeat

It's that time of year again- depending on where you are in the world, you might be expecting snow or already have some! From the archives, a reminder that Minnesota has the best plow names. And you can submit your own ideas for this years' competition! www.research.net/r/mndotnameasnowplow

The Early Humor Survey

New science proves kids get and make jokes early. SCIENCE!

UPDATES- La Palma Animals and Artificial Heart

Volcano and heart updates!

Sweden's First Female Prime Minister... Again!

Sweden makes history... for a second time in a week.

The Undefeated Cubs

A football team on an awesome streak. GO CUBS GO!

Animals, animals... ANIMALS!

So many animals, so much good news!

Kaavan Makes a Friend, Repeat

It's almost exactly a year since Kaavan was relocated! There is also a documentary showing his journey (with new friend Cher). Seems like Kaavan is doing well and really enjoying his new home!


A new piece of tech for your pooch! (Also, heads up, I've gotten a few messages about the volume of the podcast. This episode should be considerably louder, let me know by email is better, worse, or the same! Thanks! hello@thegoodnewspodcast.fm)


A an early quarantine viral sensation drums to support a good cause.

The Human Library

A new (to me) library- no card required!

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