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Paint Power

Paint can (help to) save the world!

Three Pieces of Goodness

Three short pieces of goodness, greatness, and groodness!

Las Vegas Going Un-green

New rules in Vegas might mean more cactus and less mowing.


Shaq likes to make people smile!

Cat Metal

Heavy Metal + Cat + Charity = CATTERA

Fievel Goes Up, Repeat

A repeat about a record breaking mouse and some 90s pop culture.

Recycled Olympic Medals, Repeat

A repeat from August of 2019, it seems like the the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are ON. The torch is on its way, and a reminder that the medals for the 2020 (now 2021) Olympics are very cool!

Online Louvre

Nearly half a MIIIILLLLION pieces of art are now online.

Rabbit Researchers

Rabbits on a small island have been doing some rough and tumble archaeological work.

Apophis Armageddon Averted

Looks like Earth is in the clear for the next hundred years- from asteroids at least! (No promises about aliens.)

International Space Cheese

Have you ever wondered what cheese they eat on the ISS? Me too!

Cadbury Easter Pooch, repeat

From last year, to get in the spring mood, let's remember the Easter pooch!

3 Good Snippets

Three snippets of goodness!

3 Quick Bits

Three short pieces of good news!

Names as Colors and Colors of Names, repeat

A repeat from last year, exploring Synesthesia. Synesthesia.me is still up and worth a visit!

Navajo Words on Mars

A neat Navajo naming convention for Martian points of interest.

Remote Deliveries

Vaccines delivered by... DRONES!


Another project broadening the horizons of everyone's favorite crowdsourced encyclopedia!

Minnesota Plows

A fleet of plows gets named by the internet and it pretty much goes exactly as expected.

An Old Bird

An albatross hits two major milestones.

Orange Energy is Green

Seville has an orange problem that might turn the city green.

Digital Divide Lifeline

A small bit of relief for those struggling to pay for broadband internet access.

The First Female Eagles

For the first time, nearly a thousand young women have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

The Churmosquagogue

A new meeting place for three, count 'em three faiths in one building!

Girl Scout Cookie-palooza

A troop in New York City CRUSHED that cookie competition this year. If you'd like to place an order: https://digitalcookie.girlscouts.org/scout/troop6000-161

Hero Pets!

The name says it all: pets going above and beyond for humans!

"Gorilla Glue Girl" Gives

Viral gluer Tessica Brown has had some recent good news after making the news for one little glue goof.

Gamer P1GZ

Everyone can game! Even piggies!

What is... a polished look for a job interview?

Alex Trebek's legacy lives on with the donation of his wardrobe.

It's Mars Mania!

A big month for red planet exploration!

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