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Prancer the Demon Doggy, Repeat

A delightful tail/tale about a pup adoption- still a great Instagram presence too!

SPOILER ALERT: Eurovision 2022 Winners!

We're big fans of the Eurovision song contest on TGNP and the winners this year are great news.

Moon Farmin'

Experiments in moon dirt have made a major breakthrough!


Internet access is about to become more accessible to more people in the US- that's good news!

Nationale Bijentelling, Repeat

The Netherlands held their bee census just recently, and I wanted to replay this episode. Numbers are down this year, but it seems likely that it was the wind that kept bees grounded and counters inside!

Loons in Love

Two loons celebrate a very special anniversary. 💖

Happy, Healthy, and Helpful

Oxytocin can get pumped up by helping others and help us live longer too!

Salty Sticks 🥢

Futuristic chopsticks can help us eat less salt in the future.

The Soap Saver 🧼

A non-profit attempts to solve a problem that has always driven me a bit nuts.

Where Did Dexter Go?

A cat takes a journey by ship and helicopter- wild stuff!

An Antarctic Wedding

A first for same-sex weddings and geography! 💖❄

Awesome Acequias

An old-timey technology is getting spiffed up for modern use!

The Oreometer

Let's go down the Oreo cream rabbit hole!

Extinction Excitment

A bird and a bud make surprise appearances.

Fugitive Flamingo 🦩

A flamingo has found freedom and seems to be doing better than expected!

Trash: Another's Treasure

A great story of trash and treasure in the art world!

Las Vegas Goes Un-green, Repeat

From the archive, a story about legislation that has since passed in Las Vegas. Since the original airing, more cities and states (like Colorado) have passed (or are working on) similar rules due to drought and climate change.


A hilarious study is (surprisingly) good news for cats and their humans.

No Mow May

One of the simplest things I've ever heard of to help pollinators! Love the simplicity!

Shelter Pup Helpers

Two different approaches to helping shelter pups- they are both GREAT NEWS.

Updates: Stars✨ and Books📚

Space telescopes and libraries keep wowing!

Sumatran Rhino Baby Born

A super rare rhino is born and looks EXTREMELY cuddly.

Dolphin Buddies

Chatting and friendly dolphins are more successful- friends for the WIN!

Library Lovers

A refreshing survey shows that book bans are not as popular as the news might make it seem.

Guarding the Art

A new exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art is very good news.

Sloth Bridges

The Sloth Conservation Foundation has a novel (and simple) solution to helps sloths get around.

Ukraine Safe Harbors

Three instances where those around the world are offering safe harbor to Ukrainians.

UPDATES: Doug the Potato and the JWST

Updates to two stories: potatoes and space telescopes.

Orange Energy is Green, Repeat

From the archives, Seville has an orange problem that might turn the city green.

Good News Trio

3 nice news nuggets! Geothermal, narlugas, and skatebirds!

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