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Beach Ball: Local Celebrity, Repeat

From last summer, let's all remember the delightful Wisco beach ball

3 Bits For Hump Day 3️⃣

Three good things: hearing, voting, and canceling

The Library Farm

The "world's first library farm" sounds incredible!

New Quarters, Repeat

Wanted to rerun this episode because these coins are available now! The 4th and 5th coins launch soon, but the first 3 are available now- super exciting!

Antiquities Returned

Two stories of artifacts heading back to their places of origin!

Paint Power, Repeat

From the archive, a white paint that is super green.

UPDATE: 101 Year Old Lobstah Fisher 🦞

A story from a year ago about an awesome Mainer gets some good news updates!

Newborn Rice Sacks, Repeat

From the archive- still a great idea for those who can't travel to meet a newborn!

Doogie Howser (For Real)

A 13-year-old is admitted to medical school

More Accessible Astronomy

Universal images are being made more universally accessible!

Blind Baristas ☕

A new coffee shop in China is managed by a bad-a blind barista... and his brother!

School Schnoozers 🛌⏰

School will start later next year for teens in CA- great news!

The Future of Barbie, Repeat

Barbie is getting greener! I've been seeing images from the upcoming Barbie movie and was reminded about the toys getting more eco-friendly!

Pet Adventures 🐶🐱

Two short stories about pets getting out and living their dreams. (PS- I was really close on that book title 🥇)

Big Eye, Little Eye 🛰👁

Tech for space is getting a new use here on planet Earth.

Inclusive Coldplay 🎶🎵

Concerts on the current Coldplay tour are about to get more inclusive to deaf and hard of hearing folks.

Navajo Words on Mars, Repeat

From the archive, an interesting and good news-y story about the ways things the Perseverance rover is naming what it finds on Mars. More than year later, Perseverance has had some bumps and bruises, but is still going strong!

Sky High Good News ☁✈☁

Two pieces of good news from 30k feet! A record-breaking flight attendant and captain who went above and beyond.

Cow Cuddling, Repeat

From the archive, a delightful way to unwind and relax.

Dun dun... dun dun... WasteShark 🦈

A new tool to fight water-based plastic pollution!

Closing A Loophole

A loophole is closed in a new gun safety bill.

A Noble Nobel Sale 🥇

A medal is sold at a record-breaking price and benefitting an excellent cause.

Robot Companions 🤖

A new program is trying to deal with loneliness among older folks.

💸272k💸 Grilled Cheese

A traded grilled cheese turns out to be an excellent investment.

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