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The Juneteenth Holiday

A new federal holiday- passed unanimously!

A Tweet Comes Through

A tweet gets to the right person and starts a nice chain reaction.

Mr. Trash Wheel

A trash barge gets a lot of local love.

Gotta Save 'em All

A child, a dog, and a stack of cards


Good news in a Gallup poll!


A new LEGO set is awesome in fact it sings out EVERYONE IS AWESOME!

Skirts for All!

A breezy, cool movement in Spain that is good news!

Fun in the Sun

New sunscreen might be headed your way soon and it works great!

Uber The Kitten

A kitten takes a wild ride to a shelter.

Extinct No More!

Three stories of three animals thought to be gone.

The Newest Gerber Baby, Repeat

A story from the archives talking about last year's groundbreaking Gerber baby. The search is on for this year's baby: https://www.gerber.com/photosearch2021

Big Cats, New Homes

Big cats from the famous Tiger King documentary have some new homes.

Three Goodness Bits

The lil' bits of good news!

Destressing with Doggos

A new study shows long term benefits to students who hang with poochies.

Doggy Coins Do Good

Dog-themed crypto currency can be used for good and jokes at the same time!

Prickles the Tasmanian Sheep, Repeat

A repeat of a conversation Colleen and Neil had from a year ago about a runaway sheep.

Dracula's Jab

Dracula's castle is now for more than just horror aficionados.

Paris: Bike City, Repeat

An episode from the archive where Colleen and Neil talk about Paris' new bike lanes. We were so naïve about the length of the lockdown... As an update, seems like Paris still has a bunch of their impromptu bike lanes and people are biking more than ever!

Un-mined Diamonds

The world's largest jewelry company is switching to recycled metals and lab-grown diamonds. That's great news!

Child Chess Champ

Everyone loves a child prodigy story!

Prancer the Demon Doggy

Prancer the unadoptable dog has been... adopted!

Nationale Bijentelling

A bee count with good news!

Pooch Room Service

Now you can get dog room service too! (Honestly, these items sound great.)

Families Who Bowl Together, Stay Together

A special way to memorialize a bowler's father.

Three Just Things

Three pieces of good news about justice and changing public opinion in the US.

Mars Helicopter and Irish Period Products

Updates and expansions of two TGNP topics: the Mars Ingenuity helicopter and efforts to reduce period poverty.

Paint Power

Paint can (help to) save the world!

Three Pieces of Goodness

Three short pieces of goodness, greatness, and groodness!

Las Vegas Going Un-green

New rules in Vegas might mean more cactus and less mowing.


Shaq likes to make people smile!

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