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Four Ocean Helpers

Four stories about the ocean- people helping the ocean and using the ocean to help us!

Pool Time, Repeat

From the archive, Colleen and Neil discuss pools and dream backyards. It's hot, hot summer time- let's dream of pools.


Good news in the international sports world!

Three Goodies for Friday

Three short pieces of goodness for your Friday!

Hubble and the Future of Space Pics

Hubble is back online and the future is floating!

A Broadband Boom

Fast internet from coast to coast.

Gotta Get the Goat Vote

Vote for Goats in NYC!

The Future of Barbie

Toys just keep getting greener!

Beavers for a Better Bottom Line

Beavers can save dollars and wetlands!

Wildlife Bridges

Projects around the world helping animals look both ways and cross the street.

22nd Century MedTech

New medical technologies that feel like the future- who needs flying car anyway?!

4 Days is Enough

Studies out of Iceland let confirm (surprising nobody) that a 4 day work week is probably enough for most jobs.

More Records BUSTED

THREE more records BLASTED. Fun and good news across the board.

Panda Head, Repeat

An episode from the archives, where Colleen and Neil learn about the many uses of a panda's head. It's not just for lookin' stinkin' cute!

Finally, Hiccup Relief

A new, chunky straw might (FINALLY) consistently end hiccups.

Record Breaking Stack

A challenging, but small record has been broken.

LEGO-ing Green...er!

Another good news story from the makers of LEGO.

Recycled Vanillla

A new recycled plastic output might just be... tasty?

The Juneteenth Holiday

A new federal holiday- passed unanimously!

A Tweet Comes Through

A tweet gets to the right person and starts a nice chain reaction.

Mr. Trash Wheel

A trash barge gets a lot of local love.

Gotta Save 'em All

A child, a dog, and a stack of cards


Good news in a Gallup poll!


A new LEGO set is awesome in fact it sings out EVERYONE IS AWESOME!

Skirts for All!

A breezy, cool movement in Spain that is good news!

Fun in the Sun

New sunscreen might be headed your way soon and it works great!

Uber The Kitten

A kitten takes a wild ride to a shelter.

Extinct No More!

Three stories of three animals thought to be gone.

The Newest Gerber Baby, Repeat

A story from the archives talking about last year's groundbreaking Gerber baby. The search is on for this year's baby: https://www.gerber.com/photosearch2021

Big Cats, New Homes

Big cats from the famous Tiger King documentary have some new homes.

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