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Update: Swimming in Data πŸŠβ€β™€οΈπŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ

An update about an innovative company looking to use energy twice: once for computing, twice for heating! Read more about the pool plans here

Yet More Snowplow Names πŸŒ¨β„

It's that time of year- snowplow naming season! Puns... puns... PUNS!Β 

Capt. Hook: The Bear 🐻

A struggling bear population in Canada gets an assist from conservationists and a traveling bear. Read more about the project here

Paul's Bass 🎸

A Beatles mystery has been solved and a stolen instrument is back home. Read more about the search and recovery here!Β 

Paris Olympic Medals Are So Paris πŸ₯‡πŸ₯ˆπŸ₯‰

The Paris Olympic and Paralympic games are going to have some very, very Parisian medals. Read more and check out the medals for yourself.Β 

Tai Chi: For Your Heart πŸ’“

A study has shown that the one of the best things for your heart might just be tai chi. Read more about the study here.Β 

Chatbot Success

An AI powered chatbot out of England has helped minority groups receive mental health referrals and that's good news!Read more about the chatbot here!

Update: Ecosia Search - It's For The Trees!

An update to a nearly five-year-old story- Ecosia has hit an impressive tree-planting milestone.Check out Ecosia if you've got any searches to do!

Scarf Bombing 🧣

People who knit, crochet, etc. just keep proving time and time again that they're the best- this time? Scarf bombing!Read more about scarf bombing here!

Valentine Monkey Serenade, Repeat

From the archive, a musical monkey assist for Valentine's Day!Β 

Update: Flaco's Freedom πŸ¦‰

An update to a story from a year ago- Flaco the owl is still flying free and making the best of his release!Check out this NYT article for more info and great photos o...

Keep the Kelp 🌿

A multi-pronged approach in California to help kelp- got to help the kelp!Β Read more about the project in this AP News article.

An Elegy for Ingenuity 🚁

The end of a historic mission on Mars and am amazing helicopter!Read more about Ingenuity and its achievements here.Β 

In Vitro Rhino 🦏

Scientists are working as quickly as possible to get a new northern white rhino out in the wild.For more info, check out this BBC article!Β 

Swedes Love Their Libraries πŸ“š

A library (accidentally) runs a small social experiment and the people of Gothenburg came through in a big way.Β Read more (in Swedish) here:Β https://www.gp.se/kultur/a...


Two recent stories of doggos helping to save lives and keep people safe- they're superpups!Β 

UBI News πŸ’²

A huge experiment in Kenya is quantifying how helpful UBI can be for people in poverty. Read more at NPRPlanet Money has a great episode on the experiment too!Β 

Crochet for Baybay

An act of kindness makes a stressful parenting experience a bit easier.Β 

WaterCube πŸ’§πŸŸ¦

New tech is promising to produce lots of water from the air all around us!Read more about the WaterCube at CES here:Β https://www.cnet.com/home/energy-and-utilities/i-d...

The Welsh Tidy Mouse 🐁

A special rodent has been helping a Welsh retiree keep his workbench cleaned up.Β Check out this article for video of the Welsh Tidy Mouse in action:Β https://www.nytime...

Knitting Up Loose Ends 🧢, Repeat

From the archive, an organization using the power of crafts to help others.Β 

The Bike Whisperer 🚲

An Icelandic "bike nerd" is helping reconnect stolen bikes with their owners and help the thieves too.Β 

Marmot Momentum

A group of marmots in Canada is making big leaps in population with the help of some helpful humans.Β 

'23 in Review 2️⃣3οΈβƒ£βž‘2️⃣4️⃣

Another year wraps up and a new one begins- so much good news in the past and more in the future!Β 

Thrift Store Gem πŸ’Ž

A thrift store find is a helpful reminder that thrift stores can be AWESOME.Β 

Katie's Carols 3.0, Repeat

From a few years ago, Katie's improvised carols with a fun, fresh cast of Christmas characters. It's a long one- we were having fun! Enjoy and Merry Christmas! πŸŽ…πŸŽ„β„πŸ€Ά

Orangutan Daddio

A critically endangered orangutan has been born in Denver and has recently learned a bit more about her lineage.Β 

Update: AI Drug Discoveries πŸ”πŸ’Š

An update from a story from earlier this year- AI seems to be finding new antibiotics pretty darn quickly!Β 

Toys for Tickets πŸͺ€, Repeat

From the archive, the Toys for Tickets program came back this year and had a GREAT year: double the amount of toys from the previous year!Β 

Finnish Health Forests 🌲🌴🌳

A national health service is sending people out into the woods... for their health!Β 

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