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Shackleton's Ship

A famous shipwreck has been found!

A Little PepToc

Kids at West Side Elementary are offering up great PepTocs to anyone who wants to call. Call in yourself: 707-998-8410.

Pets: Good for Your Brain

A new study showing YET ANOTHER benefit of pet ownership. Pet your pooch, cuddle your cat!

Tasmanian Tiger De-extinction

An Australian marsupial might get pulled back from extinction.

ReNEWable Energy Plans

Big, new plans and commitments for renewable energy!

Love to Ukraine

Sad, scary, frustrating news coming out of Ukraine- love to those in Ukraine!

Hope Chicago

Chicago students received an excellent surprise this week- it's good news!

The Churmosquagogue, Repeat

From the archives, an intro to the churmosquagogue. Construction is underway and they have a podcast too- check out the House of One Podcast if you'd like to hear more about the project!

Ramble On!

UK's right to roam rambles on!

Message in a Boatle

Trans-Atlantic communication the old school way!

Valentine Monkey Serenade

Monkeys receive a serenade just in time for Valentine's.


Anyone (EVERYONE!) who works at Dollywood can get 100% free education. That's great news!

Brighton Bee Block Bricks

Buildings in Bright will be built with bee bricks.

CSI: Jackpot

A different type of detective story with a happy ending... and kind of happy beginning to... happy all around!

Plower to the People

Another round of EXCELLENT plow names coming out of Minnesota.

An All-natural Prescription

A new prescription option for doctors in Canada. JEALOUS!

Snowball Vending Machine, Repeat

From the archive, the snowball vending machine was a great idea. The Northeast US got a ton of snow recently, and the Midwest looks like it will get snow too. So, go out, and get hit with a snowball!

Tipping Over the Mailbag

Tweets and emails from listeners- love to get 'em!

Good news, GREAT updates

Updates to earlier stories: Betty White's memory, JWST, droooOOOOOoooone zone!

Leo's Namesake

A newly discovered plant given a famous name!

Sequencing Speed-demons!

Genome sequencing keeps getting snappier!

Goldfish Burnin' Rubber!

Goldfish are excellent navigators and great learners- that's good news!

Birds Help to Beat the Blues, Repeat

Birdies bring the joy. From the archives- if you're in a part of the world where birds are singing, go take a listen!

(Human) Heart to (Pig) Heart

Xenotransplantation is producing good, better, and great news!

Once Again... The DRONE ZONE

Two pieces of good news delivered via drone.

Betty White's Beers

Sad news about Betty White and good news from people who love her!

Release the Kraken... Fan!

A hockey fan notices a potentially worrisome mole- and potentially saves a life.

2021 Wrapped Up

Three stories from 2021 that stuck with me! Good Pizza, Mr. Trash Wheel, and Alex Trebek's Suits.

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