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The Miyawaki Method 🌳

A method for planting small, fast-growing forests all over the world!Β 

AI Drug Discoveries πŸ”πŸ’Š

A new antibiotic has been discovered with the help of AI and is named after HAL from 2001.Β 

Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya-L1 πŸŒ‘πŸŒž

The Indian Space Research Organization has been having a banner few weeks!Β 

Destress Amongst the Trees 🌳, Repeat

From the archive, a reminder that nature is good for your noggin! I was reminded of this episode when I saw this article from the Harvard Medicine magazineΒ which has e...

Fly Away Home 2: An Ibis Adventure

A spiritual sequel to a 90s classic movie- ibises need help too!Β 

Update: LEGO Braille Bricks

An update to a story from the archive- LEGO braille bricks are getting a wider release for families all over. Check out https://legobraillebricks.com/ for more info an...

Wildlife Bridges, Repeat

From the archive, good news about conservation and human interactions. Some updates: the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing is open and in use! The Bison Bridge between ...

Great Gray Wolves 🐺

Wolves are making a slow, but potentially steady recovery in California!

Update: Pigs+Kidneys=Pigneys?!

An update to a story from about two years ago- xenotransplantation just keeps getting better!Β 

Blind Baristas β˜•, Repeat

From the archive, a story about a cool cafe and cool baristas.Β 

Benny the Librarian 😸

A new trainee at a public library is cute, quick, and fuzzy.Β 

Wiki Women: Eunice Newton Foote

A new entry in the Wiki Women series. Today, a scientist from the 1800s who is just now getting some long overdue recognition.Β 

The Pupbee Patrol 🐢🐝

A listener suggestion that hits all the TGNP angles: dogs, bees, conservation- it's got it all!Β 

Update: Voyager 2 Infinity and Beyond πŸ›°

An update to a story (maybe a sequel?) about Voyager 2

Taiwan Tackling Period Poverty

Taiwan is making it easier for young people to access period products and making sure everyone is educated on menstruation.Β 

Klamath Dams Coming Down

Four dams in the Pacific Northwest are being removed and it will have a HUGE impact on the river and the local ecosystem.Β 

Update: Beavers for a Better Bottom Line

An update to a beaver story from two years ago- California is getting more beaver friendly!Β 

Louisiana Dolphins 🐬

Two stories about Louisiana and the dolphins who have been staying there.Β 

Update: The Future of Barbie

An update to a Barbie story, because Barbie is EVERYWHERE (and getting greener!)

Zebby: Cat of the Year πŸ±πŸ†

A new (to me) competition and a wonderful winning cat!Β 

Opill Over-the-counter

A 50-year-old drug moves from behind the counter to over the counter- and it's a big deal!Β 

Update: Antiquities Returned

An update to a story from a year ago- more and more cultural artifacts are headed back home.Β 

Three Books Returned πŸ“—πŸ“˜πŸ“™

Three books have made it back to their library homes- and (of course) the librarians were very kind about it!Β 

400 Years of Funding

Wisconsin's governor made a simple budget edit and enabled extra funding for a LONG time.Β 

Goose Patrol 🐢

A new government service is TGNP certified: Dogs, Jobs, Vests

Beaver Birth πŸ‘Ά

Beavers are bouncing back in parts of Britain!

Update: Mars Helicopter

That little heli on Mars is making everyone nervous back on Earth!Β 

South Koreans Get Younger

A new age counting system sets the clock back for South Koreans.Β 

100 Years 200 Pups

A birthday celebration for the ages (and the aged!)Β 

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