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Animals That (No Longer) Mean Business

A tale of two businesses that were once reliant on animals. In both cases, it's good news for our fur friends.

Let's PicUp London Folks

A London based environmental group is asking people to take a picture of (and throw out) litter. Check it out! https://www.picup.org.uk/

Parks For Vets

A new program gives free access to National Parks to Vets and members of Gold Star families.

Whale Tail Saves The Day

A Dutch sculpture saves a train- just any old day in the Netherlands!

The Wolf Vote

An unexpected candidate wins big this past election day.

The Happy Broadcast, Repeat

Replaying an interview with Mauro Gatti- he's doing awesome work and illustrating good news for you to see... with your eyes. (Like what TGNP does... for your ears.) Check out the newest additions: https://www.instagram.com/the_happy_broadcast/?hl=en

Lost Animals, Found!

Stories about two animals recently rediscovered.

Water Discoveries

Two discoveries: one of water and one in water!

Airport Dogs, repeat

A rerun episode about cute dogs working for the TSA.

Colorado Orange Apple

A ballad of a long lost apple.


A viral video pays out good news for a band and a boarder.

Crack Open That Egg, Repeat

From the archive, a story of a found fortune and helpful hands.

Ikea Is Going Right Round Baby, Right Round

Ikea is committing to being a more circular business model.

Little Free Libraries Reaching New Readers

Little Free Libraries are making some positive and welcoming changes for those friendly community libraries.

A Machu Picchu Surprise

Machu Picchu welcomed it's first and only visitor in months. One lucky(?) tourist got the whole place to themselves.

Cow Cuddling

A new method to unwind and relax from the Netherlands!

Starbucks Signing Store, Repeat

In this repeat, we're sharing good news about a store that's a bit more welcoming to the deaf and hard of hearing community. Since this episode first aired, more of these stores have opened- there are now five in total around the world!

Magawa: The Hero!

Magawa is a brave rodent saving lives every single day. Go Magawa!

Plastic Eating Enzyme Update

Enzymes we've covered previously work better together- teamwork makes the dream work!

Amy Cesal's DayDoh Project, Repeat

From the archives, an interview with Amy Cesal who uses a children's toy to make data more accessible for adults.

The Whimsical Teddy Bears of Paris, Repeat

From the backlog, a story about unexpected outdoor diners in Paris.

Three Bites of Good News

Three lil' short pieces of good news- bees, BPM, and ballots!

Buh Bye Pampas Grass!

Sometimes helping the environment requires yanking out a noxious weed- Hawaii nailed it!

Baby Smart, repeat

From the archive, babies are so very, very smart.

Paying It Forward, Way Forward

Paying it forward... or is this really paying it backward?

Letters to LEGO

Kids are making big corporate change at one of our favorite toy companies.

Nandi v. Dave

Nandi Bushell and Dave Grohl have been in an EXTREME drum solo competition- and we get to hear the awesome results!

Solitaire and Minecraft, Repeat

From the archives, a study about creativity and video games.

Small Voting Victories

Three bits of good news about this upcoming US election season.

The Gold Ticket

An eccentric candy factory owner is starting a treasure hunt to find gold tickets around the country. Sounds... familiar?

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