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Steph Curry: Champion Philanthropist

Steph Curry is a champ- both in basketball and in helping his community!

Yale's Happiness Class - HS Edition

Dr. Laurie Santos' happiness class is coming to high schools around the US. If you're an adult and want to take an online version, check this out: https://www.coursera.org/learn/the-science-of-well-being

Snow Poochies

There's always dogs! (Especially when you need them most!)

2000yr Old Dates, Repeat

In this repeat episode, Katie and Neil hit on some favorite TGNP themes: revitalized plants, old-timey-ness, the seed vault. It's got it all!

The Tubman Twenty

Harriet Tubman is a Treasury Department priority once again!

Ulmer Nest

A new last resort option for the homeless in the German city of Ulm.

Some Inaugural Goodness

A few pieces of good news from an inauguration ceremony that a lot of US citizens were probably worried about.

Fake Heart, Real Beats

A new French artificial heart will soon help people bridge the gap while they wait for a heart transplant- very cool!

Jet Suit Paramedic

Paramedic with a jetpack? Okay!

Three American Treasures

An episode highlighting three US citizens (I think) we can all be proud of.

Jimmy Carter and His Solar Panels, Repeat

Solar power is officially the cheapest way to generate electricity- let's celebrate a president who was way ahead of his time!

Paris' Extraordinary Garden

More green = more good in Paris! Can't wait to see it.

Veganism Eco-impact, Repeat

A repeat of a conversation Colleen and Neil had last year- a bit of encouragement if any listener has committed to reducing their meat intake for the new year.

Birds Help to Beat the Blues

Birds are great for our health and happiness- science proves it!

Good Pizza Philly

A Philly pizza "shop" exists just to generate charitable donations- that's good news!

Arecibo Dreamin'

Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico is starting the long journey to getting back up and running.

Ratatouille + TikToik = Musical

Committed fans on TikTok have built a community sourced musical based on Disney's Ratatouille- it's one night only! Tickets are here: https://www.todaytix.com/x/nyc/shows/22803-ratatouille-the-tiktok-musical

Rabbit Hash's Mayor

A mayor that's tough to beat.

Katie's Christmas Foods

Katie takes a Christmas culinary journey 'round the globe!

Katie's Christmas Traditions

Continuing our TGNP tradition, Katie tells me what some Christmas traditions are from around the world.

Katie's Carols Megamix, Repeat

Tis that time of year again! Listening to this still makes me laugh- and coming up this week, a new entry of the tradition.

Voyager 2 Infinity and Beyond, Repeat

A repeat about the Voyager space probes. A timely repeat, because the voyager probes just helped to discover an entirely new time of electron burst!

Toots and Big Time Charity

Zoom school gets pranked and charities get a nice bump.

Delivery Day!

Vaccine Delivery Day!

Trash Talkin'

Some stuff just can't be recycled! Or... can it?

Flu Vaccine 2.0

A new vaccine to talk keep an eye out for! No... not that one... or that one... or that one...

The Mayor of Generositytown

Guy Fieri is generous with more than just donkey sauce.

Kaavan Makes a Friend

The world's loneliest elephant has been introduced to some new elephant pals.

Everest Cleaning, Repeat

A repeat talking about a successful clean up of Everest. As an update of sorts, one of the very few expeditions that climbed Everest this year was remeasure the height. Expect new results and (potentially) a new height any day now!

Solar Successes

Three more obscure solar stories- solar can be used and is being installed... everywhere!

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