Gotta Get the Goat Vote 🐐🗳, Repeat

Goats are coming back to Riverside Park in NYC! According to the Riverside Park Conservancy:

“Thanks to the goat crew’s hard work at 120th Street over the past four summers, the human staff at the Conservancy and NYC Parks now have access to a much clearer slope, with the success of the goats’ work at that location, native understory and large trees to fill in gaps can be installed, protecting the existing mature tree canopy. The Conservancy is thrilled for the goats to bring their big appetites further uptown.”

This year's goats are: Charlise, Chico, Godiva, Mallomar, Paris, Romeo, and Turbo. Like past years, New Yorkers can vote for best goat- can't wait to find out who wins! 
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