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Tell Your Story

Neil and Colleen chat with Chicago storyteller Renee Albrecht-Mallinger about telling a great story.

Scotland's Magic Mushrooms

Colleen and Neil talk about mushrooms being put to work in Scotland's Caledonian Forest.

Pinheads Unite

Colleen and Neil delve into the world of wizards- pinball wizards.

Apple and Google Go Green

Colleen and Neil chat about the renewable energy reports released by our Silicon Valley overlords.

The Kids are Alright' and They're Getting S**t Done

Kids are saving the Amazon, plus fun facts about the Amazon!

Clean Beach & Turtles Come Back

The GNP shares good news that layers like an onion.

Pulse of the Nation: Farts

Colleen and Neil talk with David Pinsof about the Cards Against Humanity Pulse of the Nation Poll. Specifically, about toots.

Was Alexander the Great gay?

OutCasting youth participant Lucas explores how the meaning and social significance of homosexuality have changed and why it may not be appropriate to label as gay historical figures who had same-sex relationships.

Hurdles (repeat)

A youth media classic. RadioActive youth producer Angela Nguyen shares a story about high school senior overcoming hurdles both literally and figuratively.

Outer Space Cat Lunchbox

Have you ever done something to support a friend or family member? This episode Colleen and Neil share a story about an uncle and an outer space cat lunchbox.

Antarctica Plants

Neil and Colleen talk about growing food ON THE MOON!

Wake Up Lazy Bones!

Colleen and Neil chat with Rebecca, a lawyer who has recently returned to coding to fix something that had been bothering her.

Dia de los Muertos

The GNP shares some stories from Texas Folklife producers. They worked with Martin Middle School students on a series of short radio stories. These stories cover a full range of school folklore and community heritage. This story is about The Day of the Dead.

Cuento de Tamales

Texas Folklife producers worked with Martin Middle School students on a series of short radio stories. These stories cover a full range of school folklore and community heritage. This story is about Tamales.....hmmmmmmm Tamales

Itchy and Scratch Off

Colleen and Neil talk about a lotto winner and the curse of wealth.


Colleen and Neil share some good news about tigers.

Heavy Metal Cheese

A cheesemonger in New Zealand plays heavy metal to his cheese, listen and find what happens.

Backyard Brains

Colleen and Neil discuss even MORE ways that backyard time is the best time.

Good News Wiki, Again!

Neil and Colleen continue to share the Wiki good news as well as some women forward entires.


Colleen and Neil share listener voicemails!!

Bees Comeback 🐝

The bad news there's been a significate blow to the bee population in recent years. The good news they are starting to make a small comeback!

Ice cream /n/ a frozen treat

Youth producers Nathan Friend and Irene Noguchi of KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media share with you a story about your favorite frozen treat.

Jokes part 2 (repeat)

Colleen and Neil share listener shared jokes.

Save the Ocean Shoes

Colleen shares some good news about Adidas bringing awareness to saving our oceans. Plus whale sounds.

Carlos Arturo Torres Part 2

Part 2 of Carlos Arturo Torres

Carlos Arturo Torres

Carlos Arturo Torres a product designer born in Columbia he shares his story with Colleen and Neil. Please enjoy part one.

The Bright Side Is...

Colleen and Neil speak with Melis SΓΆnmez- the founder of Bright Side. She tells us what Bright Side is and how it got started.

Lego Goes Green

Lego is using a greener plastic- that's great news! Colleen and Neil chat Lego and talk with Peter, Neil's brother, who is a Lego master.


On today's episode, we are revisiting a Good News Podcast favorite. Big Shed audio shares an audio postcard from a cornbread--- that's right, cornbread-- festival in Tennessee.

Backyards Have A Superpower

The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ph.D. candidate Carly Ziter, tells Colleen and Neil the best news about how much impact your tiny itty bitty backyard can have on our planet.

Abdul-Basit Hassan

KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media youth reporter Zubeyda Ahmed shares a powerful and universal story about her dad.

Suitcase Degas

Neil and Colleen chat about an art heist in France.

The Simpsons

Neil and Colleen talk about a thing they found on the internet about how weird faces look on the Simpsons when they face front.

Hospital Magic

Colleen and Neil talk with Andrew Knox a Chicago-based actor who uses some of his gifts and talents to help kids feel just a little bit better

Thrift Store Artistry

Colleen and Neil talk about their fave artists, and Neil interviews Julie Meridian who has been working on a cool project "finishing" pieces that she finds in second hand stores.

Battery Pow Pow

Neil and Colleen talk innovations in battery power thanks to Elon Musk. They also go on a tangent on how nice and/or crazy Elon Musk may or may not be. Also NDT please come on our show.

Black Panther Part 2

Lisa Beasley joins us again as we continue our conversation about Black Panther. In this episode Lisa talks about some of her favorite characters, and how might this move impact youth black youth in America.

Black Panther: The Movie

Colleen and Neil talk with Lisa Beasley about Black Panther and why, what, and how much she loves it.

Girl Scout Cookie Selling Genius

Neil and Colleen dish about some smart moves a girl scout made to get those cookies SOLD!

Baby Hippo

Three-year-old Fiona talks about a baby hippo also named Fiona.

The HAPPIEST song in the world

Neil and Colleen talk about what songs make them very very happy. Then they share the song which has been scientifically proven to make you feel happy.

Show Up Girls

Colleen and Neil talk with the founder of Show Up Girls, an organization using improv to help improve confidence in adolescent girls.

A Positive State of Mind

Colleen and Neil listen to a great story about visualizing your goals from friend of the show, Meredith Stepien.

Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers stamps and pen pals!! Listen to find out more.


Colleen and Neil talk about new technology in the sport of curling. Neil can't say "stroke rate" without laughing.

Snowball blast

Snowball vending machine.... need we say more? (A dollar gets you one a single ball "hand packed by real Minnesotans.)


Cutting-edge laser technology reveals a whole new world. Colleen and Neil and discuss the perfect job for a fish and this episode contains laser sounds so, you're welcome.

Team Starkid Blasting Off Again

Colleen and Neil talk with Team Starkid members Meredith and Brian about getting creative and staying creative.

Heathcare +

The world's largest healthcare initiative, "Modicare". Listen to find out more.

πŸ’– Love πŸ’–

Colleen and Neil talk about love plus we hear voices from wise little humans tellings us their thoughts on love.

Falcon Heavy, Cleared For Takeoff

Colleen and Neil chat rockets, aliens, and heroes.

HBD Darwin

In celebration of Charles Darwin's birthday, we bring you a story from two young women scientists from the Galapagos.


Radioactive youth producer Angela Nguyen shares a story about high school senior overcoming hurdles both literally and figuratively.

Foggie Dormitory

Folks are living longer and thriving, old age becoming more of a conversation. Find out how some designers are addressing how living in our 80, 90, even 100s might look like.

Vampire Facial

Colleen and Neil talk about a blood donating champion and learn about a vampire facial first hand.

Sex Education Works

Guess what!? Babies having babies is at an all-time low. The Centers for Disease Control reports that teen pregnancy is down.

Jammin' Syncro

A crew of teenage girls are vying to be Jamaica's first synchronized swimming team.

Neil's Lovely Lady Lumps

Colleen and Neil talk about some good news they found in the NEWS!

Job Robots

Are you worried robots are taking over the world? Or maybe just your job? Colleen and Neil dive deep into a Pulse of the Nation poll asking just those questions.

Cancer on the Decline

Good news about cancer and an educational rap... win, win.


Colleen and Neil talk about preserving the art of pizza making.

Paying Food Forward

Colleen and Neil discuss two restaurants with two great ideas about how to get food to those who need it most.

Family is Family

Colleen and Neil share a story from youth producer April Reyes.


Colleen and Neil break down a pee in the shower poll.

The World Got a Little Better in 2017: Part 2

Colleen and Neil revisit the Vox article and talk about the different ways the world became a slightly better place in 2017.


Low Power FM radio stations are making a comeback in a BIG way. It's sometimes the best kind of weird you can hear.

Fly the Improvised Skies

Two Chicago improvisers, Kevin and Nick, perform in the studio for Colleen and Neil.

Sea Turtles

Learn something new about baby sea turtles. Colleen and Neil have trouble saying a word as well as some advice on what not to do while at the beach.

The World Got a Little Better in 2017: Part 1

Neil and Colleen share some highlights from a Vox article, 9 ways the world got a lot better in 2017, highlighting how the world got just a wee bit better in 2017.

Public Radio πŸ’–

The Good News Show highlights a story heard on WBEZ about a creative and smart way hospitals are helping to house the homeless.

Jokes part 2

Neil and Colleen share more listener provided jokes. It's a hoot!

All Your Jokes Are Belong To Us

We asked, you delivered! An episode of jokes submitted by listeners. We're big fans of jokes... huge fans even.


A story about forgiveness. "All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness the important thing is they should be part of our daily lives." Dalai Lama

Bronx Sole

New Year's resolutions waning. Can't get off the couch? Today's episode might give you some extra inspro.


On today's episode, The Good News Podcast shares an audio postcard from a cornbread--- that's right, cornbread-- festival in Tennessee.

Itty bitty tiny things

Neil interviews Katie about something she loves very very much, very very tiny things.

Bikes and Roses

Colleen and Neil discuss biking and honking. Neil interviews a program director for a Chicago non-profit.

Dream Big, Young Wrestler

Student producer Iridian Fierro talks about dreaming big, wrestling, finding your path and being generally amazing. Also, Neil whispers and gives Colleen the creeps.

Wiki What?!

Neil chats with a prof about a new way he's embracing Wikipedia as a teaching tool and helping nonprofits. Huzzah!!


Student producer Alex Arata shares a story about an unlikely safe haven from her childhood.

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