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Maybe LOVES dogs

Youth producer Eboni Johnson takes listeners on a journey. Does she like dogs? Does she hate dogs? Listen to find out.

Slingin’ Ritas

Neil and Colleen chat with a waiter about the proper way to flag down your server in a restaurant

The Eight of Hearts Again

Australia has legalized same-sex marriage. To celebrate, we talk to a wedding photographer who loves their job. We also chat with a pizza magician, and Neil really gets taken for a ride.

Cardboard Rocket Ships

Colleen and Neil interview kids to see what they'd like to build out of cardboard.

Episode One: These Are Interesting Times

Welcome to the Good News Podcast. In today's story, a Florida animal shelter has an idea that gets more pets adopted into homes. Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin guests.

Trailer: Welcome to The Good News Podcast

Colleen and Neil introduce The Good News Podcast, a new show from Cards Against Humanity.

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